Photo Friday 06.22.12

Forget Follow Friday; it’s Photo Friday!
In honor of this weeks heatwave here’s something cool to think about!

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The Big Bang Theory: Explosively Dividing The Geekiverse

[Editors Note: We have with us our very special first guest writer, show him some love and welcome to the group, Ash]

After watching the first three seasons of The Big Bang Theory, I’ve noticed something. The show seems to divide people who think it colors “nerds” in a certain light. In these arguments, the word “stereotypical” seems to get thrown at these characters. You know the image: the socially awkward comic book/sci-fi genre fan who has no fashion sense and is plagued by strange medical conditions; or the hyper-intelligent geek who’s so smart he’s actually stupid. Such as Sheldon, the self-proclaimed most intelligent of the characters, while trying to make a new friend ends up talking to a little girl in the children’s section of a bookstore. He decides they can be friends based on simple, shared interests; but can’t see how what he’s doing could be seen as socially strange, or even illegal.

While there are jokes that poke fun of these things in BBT, some people really seem to take offense to it. Now I’m a genre fan; I like comic books, video games and toys, I’ve been to Monster-Mania conventions and I have a ton of collectibles. I get the humor on the show; and in my life as a fan I’ve seen that nerd stereotypes really can be true, not just the bad ones. I can admit that I see these nerd traits in myself. I’ve lined up for hours to meet celebrities at conventions and for midnight video game releases. I was part of a podcast about shitty movies; so I like to think my nerd credentials are in good order. However, I have certainly been mocked many times over the course of my life; and I know how much that type of mockery can hurt. It’s something anyone can relate to.

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Save The Thundercats!

The new Thundercats series has been on the air for just about a year now; and it looks like Cartoon Network is already looking to cancel it. This is a shame, not only is Thundercats one of the few shows on CN that is actually a cartoon; but is one of only a handful of quality animated shows at all on the air today.  I’m talking today with Marisha Ray of Save The Thundercats who is spearheading the campaign to save this show and others like it.

Pure Nerd Nip: Marisha; when exactly did it come to light that the network may be canceling T-cats? On the surface everything looks good, new episodes are rolling out regularly and the over-arching story has never been as focused as it is right now; what happened?
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Furries, The Other F-Word. An Outsiders View

I’ve been around the sci-fi/fantasy con circuit a time or two. I know that furries are generally the most panned sect of the fandom. I know that since childhood most people wind up rejecting the very same imagery and characters that they grew up with. However, as a neutral outsider, I want to throw my two cents in with this great community. I had a chance to sit down with Anthrocon’s chairman Dr. Sam Conway the other day (full video will be available later in the week) and basically came to the consensus that furries, as the youngest organized member of the fandom, really take the hate because they are the new kid on the block.  There is so much love for the individual and fan here, so much giving back to the community, and such a pure love of what brings these fans joy; to question it would almost seem sacrilegious.

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Photo Friday 06.15.12: Get Back on the Train

Get back on the train!

Forget Follow Friday; it’s Photo Friday!

Now I’m gone and I’ll never look back again; I’m gone and I’ll never look back at all,
You know I never looked back again; I turned my face into the howling wind,
It took me a long time to get back on the train.

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Furry: The ‘other’ F Word- Prologue

Today I’m driving up to Pittsburgh for the annual Anthrocon convention in an effort to bring the fandom and the furries a little closer together thru open understanding, and truly honest reporting. Get updates as I go and perhaps some live tweets throughout.

Follow along at #PnnAC

Tron Uprising

Tonight, with little fanfare or prelude, DisneyXD premiered the new animated show Tron: Uprising. It seemingly tells the story leading up to the events of Tron: Legacy. Uprising features all the things we loved about Legacy while not suffering any of the shortcomings. The visuals, soundtrack, and innovative acrobatic action sequences dazzle the senses without the drawn out, painful dialogue that was Legacys major shortcoming. I’ve said to many people that I would have loved Tron so much more if they could maintain the pace set by the first hour throughout.

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I Fight Dragons Yes I Do, I Fight Dragons, How bout you?

Whilst traveling in the car with my son today an I Fight Dragons cover of the Tetris theme came on the ye olde’ iPod and my first thought was that something snapped in his tiny 16 month old brain. He was laughing and clapping along with such utter joy spread across his face; blissfully unaware of the hours and days this simple didy had ripped from our collective lives ever trying to reach the top of Tetris. My second thought was, ‘I Fight Dragons’ latest album has been out 6 months now and I still haven’t reviewed it; bad fan, bad; no bonus content for you! So anyway, at the behest of a kid that isn’t old enough to talk yet and regularly poops himself; here’s my review of IFD’s first full length album, Kaboom; now with 86% new material!

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Yay Sports: An Homage to Hockey

Yeah, I’m as shocked as you but it had to happen eventually, our inaugural post on sports. Now while I have my issues with most professional sports organizations; chief among them using public money to fund private enterprises and for the most part they are boring to watch, sports themselves are a highly worthwhile endeavor. They promote teamwork, fitness, and one would hope sportsmanship. And really isn’t ‘sports fanatic’ just the normie way of saying ‘geek out’?

Last night saw the passing of the Stanley Cup to the Los Angeles Kings; and while their refs seemed to be really interested in preserving home ice advantage, I sincerely offer they and their fans a hearty ‘grats. Last week I was talking with my good friend That Geek Chick about why hockey in particular strikes a chord among the geeky. It has to be more than just popular icons like Wil Wheaton and Kevin Smith publicly showing their devotion to the sport. Although it couldn’t hurt that Smith features it in every movie from Clerks to Clerks 2; we came up with a few core reasons why we love hockey and you should too.

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Pure Nerd Nip gets Social

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