Free Comic Book Day

Ah my little nerdlings; what a geeky week it’s been!  May the Fourth (be with you) was friday; and the internet was ablaze with appropriately cheesy star wars puns.

However the real treat of the week was today; Free Comic Book Day! That’s right, for the past decade on the first saturday of May, thousands of comic shops around the world participate in Free Comic Book Day; a day dedicated to celebration and awareness of our favorite graphic arts!Some publishers use this day to tastelessly promote to a captive audience (DC: the NEW new 52 preview), some use it as smart additional supplemental material for film cross promotion (Marvel: Spiderman Season 1 and Avangers: Ultron .1), some use it as a fan appreciation day, offering exclusive storylines to their loyal readers (Dark Horse: Buffy/Guild or Star Wars/Serenity combo books), others use it as a sounding board for upcoming titles (like Zombie Kid, sold out in 2 hours where I went for the day), and most still realize the true spirit of the day, which is to introduce a new generation of readers to their books and keeping the kid/funny books alive (like Megaman, Sonic, and the Smurfs just to name a few from this year).

However, I think the REAL standout this year was Archaia’s Mouse Guard.  They used this year’s FCBD to really show off.  Beautifully bound in hard cover with a touching new mouse guard tale; this books presentation and content truly blew me away!

Now I have been celebrating FCBD for a few years now; but this year was something very different.  In the past I was living in Los Angeles where there is literally a comic shop every mile; and those shops were rather lack luster in handing out their books, basiclly putting them on a table in the corner saying take what you want.  However here on the east coast the population density and therefore need for multiple shops is greatly reduced and FCBD where I went (Captain Blue Hen) was an event!

My son and I with some honorable members of the 501st; support your troops!

The 1.5 hour line to get in the door was made completely bearable by appearances from the 501st Legion (an all volunteer group of costumers dedicated to contributing to the local community thru costumed charity and volunteer work), a slew of liscensed costumed heros  in the form of batman spiderman etc, comic artists doing custom sketches, art/drawing classes, face painting, a corp of volunteers dedicated to keeping the peace and line moving, and a ton of fans, both young and old, showing their support in costume as well.  All in all it was really a mini-convention!

As I sit here and reflect on the day, X-Men playing on USA in the background, I am thankful that there are others like me out there in the world; others not afraid to demonstrate the love for the things that they enjoy; and that such a freeing and accepting culture has risen from this communal love is such an unbelievably awesome thing. I wish I could phrase it as elequently as Simon Pegg did; but as I can’t I’ll just quote him:

“Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.” — Simon Pegg

If you’re still reading this first post I thank you and hope you enjoy the honesty and opinion I will always try to convey in my love of cinema, comics, toys, and all things geek.  Please bear with me as I get the sites look and themes dialed in; and if you keep reading I’ll keep writing! Also, Happy 5 of May, have a margarita!

The Web Slinger himself was out for some free comics!


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  1. We also attended FCBD here in San Diego and I was unsuprisingly disappointed at the offerings. Except for Mouse Guard ( I totally agree with you Thom), the majority I could do without. Well played Archaia! I also enjoyed the extremely brief 4 page preview for The Stuff of Legend Volume 4. I picked up Bad Medicine from Oni Press, but I can’t decide how I feel about it yet. A random pick up was Graphic Elvis, a collection of artwork of Elvis by graphic novel creators. Just fun to check out the artwork. One stop we made at SoCal Comics actually had tables full of their old stock they were giving away. To me, that was far better marketing than the actual selection provided by the vendors. Picked up some large name titles in addition to some independents. Of course, I ususally read more of the stuff of the likes of Ennis, Ellis and Hickman. But really, it’s hard to complain when spending the day surrounded by awesome geekness!!!

    • Captain Blue Hen had a great distribution scheme; instead of offering all the books to whomever walked in the door they had a list with descriptions and everybody got 1 free book, 1 additional book if you had a library card with you, 1 additional with a canned good donation, and 1 additional with a donation to the city’s Arts Alliance. Really makes you norrow down what you really want to read (i still have a pile eft over from past years FCBD that i’ll probablly never read and only took b/c they were sitting out!).

      Speaking of awesome geekness, so sad I won’t be able to see you guys at comic-con this year!

      Thanks for being my first comment!

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