One Step Backward, Two Steps Front

As most of you probably already know, yesterday North Carolina passed an amendment banning gay marriage in a whopping 61-39% vote. This is needless to say not an issue trying to protect the institution of marriage or your children, but a thinly veiled attempt to legalize peoples hate and bigotry. It is unconstitutional, it is the state backing a particular church’s politics, and moreover it is the most appalling display of inequality in this country since the civil rights struggles of the ’50s and ’60s. As i was preparing my thoughts on how to address yet another pitiful stab at human rights much more pressing news came across the wire (does anyone still use wires, can we change that saying to ‘across the RSS feed’?). In an historic moment, President Obama marks the first time that a sitting US president openly supports gay marriage!

In this photo released by The White House, President Barack Obama participates in an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC’s Good Morning America, in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Wednesday, May 9, 2012, in Washington. Obama declared his unequivocal support for gay marriage on Wednesday, a historic announcement that gave the polarizing social issue a more prominent role in the 2012 race for the White House. (AP Photo/The White House, Pete Souza)

I couldn’t help but think about where my last blog left off: staying true to oneself. The thing that I am thankful for, beyond this victory in equality for all our LGBT brothers and sisters, is that so many of our heros of tv and film have stayed true to themselves. Think about it, where would we be culturally if it weren’t for people like George Takei, Neil Patrick Harris, and Boy George knowing who they were and staying strong in the face of opposition?

Star Trek wouldn’t be the same, we might not even have a Dr. Horrible, and…well ok, you got me with Boy George thing, that was just my attempt to inject a little humor into a very serious subject, I don’t think my world would be very different without the ‘Do you really want to hurt me?’ guy.  Reactions from around the web have been resoundingly positive (or at least from the sources I read); but none seemed more poignant than the aforementioned Mr. Sulu who has spent a lifetime fighting the good fight.

 I am thrilled by this news, and I commend the President for taking what many pundits inevitably will say was an “unnecessary” risk in an election year. Such an assessment, however, sadly only underscores the second-class status many LGBT Americans experience daily, knowing that their rights and lives are nothing more than a political tool to be hauled out to rally the base, for or against.

It is time to stop the politics and address the basic question of fairness, for that is what this is about. We cannot say we are a nation that stands for equality, while in the same breath denying basic rights of happiness, financial parity, and state-recognized companionship to millions.

~George Takei

Sadly, he is right.  This is just a game to many people who pretend to serve the people that keep them employed. Nor is this the end of the road for marital equality.  However this is a victory; and the fact that Obama literally has nothing to gain in coming out with this support shows just how genuine of a statement this truly is.  While two diametrically opposed lines in the sand have been drawn in the last two days; I believe history will show that this week in human rights was a step in the right direction for equality with just another minor bump in the road to the cause.  If North Carolina wants to continue to fly the flag of hatred i say fuck ’em, this nation was founded on the principles of tolerance and being a haven for groups facing injustice elsewhere around the globe. I take great honor in joining George Takei in saying, “Today, I can proudly feel wholly American.”

~Thom Obarski

Pure Nerd Nip


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