Congratulations Guildies!

Cast of “The Guild”- Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Robin Thorsen, Vincent Caso

Just wanted to take today to say congratulations to the cast of the guild. Their music videos combined on youtube hit 24 million views today!

For those unfamiliar, The Guild is a web series started by Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible) that follows the misadventures of her and her fellow gamers as they team up to conquer “the game” (not WoW they’re VERY careful about not using any proper names) and survive real life.  What started as a modest undertaking and passion project has since grown into it’s 5th season, being featured on msn and xbox live, and perhaps the most successful web series to date!

For the past three seasons, the guildies have released music videos of custom songs (above, chronologically); as if filling out a 2500 person room at comicon didn’t give them enough geek cred.

The show has grown in both scope and scale since the first season; which was shot almost entirely from the perspective of each members webcam. Whereas season 5 was shot almost entirely at long beach comic-con and ended with cast mates flying around in a giant paper-mache steampunk inspired airship! Each season has an overarching plot, ranging from dealing with the being a member in the guild, to leading leading it ,to battling other clans, all the way up to a full on convention complete with more celebrity cameos than you could shake a jewel encrusted staff at. The core of these episodes comes down to the writting and characterization; combining just the perfect amount of humor and wit with honesty and heart to make you really care for these characters.

The entrepreneurial Guild has not just stopped at massive popularity, they have even started to franchise.  Unlike most Los Angeles celebrities, this thankfully doesn’t mean a custom fragrance line (who the hell would want to smell like Vork anyway?); but rather more things that we Nerds salivate over: Jones sodas, custom Munchkin cards, and a very well written series of comic books published by Dark Horse.

This truly is a series worth your time, and episodes range from 3-10 minutes so there’s really no excuse for not being caught up (If you start now you can easily be up to date by comic-con, where they have traditionally unveiled their new seasons).

If you just can’t get enough of The Guild check out Sandeep Parikh’s (Zaboo) own web series: The Legend of Neil; wherein a guy in a drunken night of old school gaming gets sucked into Zelda and must navigate life naked, alone, and at level 1. Links for both the Guild and Legend of Neil are in my ‘Likes’ page. Also if you’re in the La area, Felicia Day and fellow Guildies Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh have an improv comedy troupe called Hammer Improv that performs on a semi-regular basis. Admission is usually pretty cheap, held someplace that serves alcohol, and most importantly; is freakin’ funny!

So, please join me in raising a glass to The Guild in saying congrats on 24 million views; we all know you guys are just getting started!

~Thom Obarski


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