Arrow…Get to the Point

The CW released this week a teaser montage for their new show Arrow to debut Wednesdays this fall. Up until today all we had to go on was this figure cloaked in shadow and the two things that jumped out at me were:

1) He has a recurve bow, thank god he’s not that little twit from the DC reboot


2) He kinda looks like the GA we saw in Smallville.  

Before I ramble on any further lets take a look at the clip; roll it Johnny! 

My feelings are a bit mixed; for one, just how much of each episode is going to be devoted to showing ole Ollie’s abs (his Arrow-bics, sorry couldn’t help myself)? Also, for whatever reason they have decided to change the name of Star City; not to Seattle or someplace real as they did in the comic reboot, but rather to starling city. Went from being the jewel of the heavens to an annoying songbird. The official notes from CW hint at maintaining GA: Year 1 continuity, which would be a great way to retain the old school fanbase AND get in some really human moments (maybe thru flashbacks or whatever).

“After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific…but they sense Oliver has been changed by his ordeal on the island.”

For a character like Ollie, if you went too soft with him the series runs the risk of being one dimensional with a subject that has the potential to be even darker and more brooding than Batman! I’m also hoping that this clip isn’t final product that we are seeing, the graphics, the score, and the internal monologue, all sound so…lackluster i think is the best word i can put on it. Feels kinda like a rough cut.  That being said however, the archery sequence was phenomenal! They get his form just right (though a little rushed on a few shots); none of this shooting over your shoulder shots that Hawkeye gets to make in The Avengers.

New Green Arrow Costumes: Smallville, DC New GA, Teaser shot from Arrow.

As the show gets closer to air, the social media machine is rolling into full gear with a twitter, facebook, and show pages popping up within the last week; revealing this cast photo:

In good light it appears his costume will indeed be kind of a cross between various versions of the traditional Ollie from the comics. Which is great; because lets face it, in that smallville costume I couldn’t tell if he was supposed to be in a motorcycle gang, a power ranger or Link from Legend of Zelda!

It appears as though Arrow is to green arrow as Smallville is to superman; some will like that (especially the execs as it worked in the making money sense of the equation) and of course some won’t. I think the overall style could lead to either a very promising series for a character that has deserved it for a long time now; or to just another cheeseball drama that happens to have superheroes in it. Right now I feel it’s too early to tell; but rest assured, as long as they don’t start using the 1940’s comic boxing glove arrows, this is one that PNN is bound to have it’s eye on!

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  1. I dont get reviews like this. Focusing on things that are not even important. gawd.

    • Ok fair enough. What do YOU think is worth discussing from this teaser preview? I thought drawing comparisons to the original Green Arrow comics’ characterization, plot, and costume as well as the last CW-esque hero- series concerning the possible pitfalls that are presented when trying to satisfy a marketing and non-fan demographic was quite apt. However you clearly disagree; what would you like to discuss?
      Either way thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all comments, praise or criticism.

  2. fairly valuable stuff, overall I imagine this is worthy of a book mark, thank you

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