Arrow-dynamics, Streamlining Green Arrows Jump to TV

This week a new teaser trailer for The CW’s Arrow has been released, giving us more insight into the backstory, art direction, and (hopefully) overall style of the upcoming show. We are treated to some island shots of his origin, the first shot of one of his trick arrows, a quick action sequence of close quarters combat (which shows just how a guy with a bow and arrow can evade and take down those with guns), some humor, and the obligatory hero shots; that’s a lot to take in in just 30 seconds!

The survivalist aspect during Ollie’s island exile has been GA’s origin story since Jack Kirby; but it was really brought out and set the tone for our modern age understanding of the emerald archer In Andy Diggle & Jock’s Green Arrow Year 1. Just watching the few island shots we were privy to in this teaser it’s clear that from the beginning that the CW is trying to appeal to existing fans by at least acknowledging his comic roots story wise and stylistically.

If this is truly their intention then I can’t applaud them enough! Many Superman fans were really turned off by Smallville directly spitting in the face of continuity to force the man of steel to appeal to a more mainstream audience. For the uninitiated, here’s a quick rundown of Arrow’s origin story from wikipedia.

This teaser has me hooked, as should it any GA fan.  I know they’re going to make it appeal to a broader audiance than just well, me, and I know they’re changing the name from Star City to Starling city (see my concerns in Arrow… Get to the Point) but really these are just minutia details. I really think the heart and soul of the character is going to be preserved and respected. The action looks great, the art direction sleek, the photography highly cinematic; all in all awesome production value!
My only concern at this point is getting the public more aware of just who Green Arrow is and excited for the show. I first saw this video on the Arrow facebook page and here is just a smattering of the comments, unedited, that worry me about this show being broadcast on CW:
From the confused:
“Is he the Green Arrow. Like from smallville. Bc they said Oliver Queen which is Green Arrows Real Name. Green Arrow is just what hes called in his super hero life.”
To the completely uninformed:
“is this guy the one who featured in the up coming movie Avengers?”
and of course dozens of variations on the theme:
” WTF no Justin Hartley? This show is already stupid!”
The show is currently slotted for the fall, so there’s still plenty of time for PR and awareness campaigns. And for those of you who made it this far into the article here’s a little easter egg for you; for about 4 frames between the Arrow & CW logos this image is visible.

If this doesn’t make you think of the J.T. Krul ‘Brightest Day’ storyline then I don’t know what will; although it’s probably just a parallel to the island Ollie gets stranded on, I completely geeked out when I saw the mirrored city graphic.  I hope you do a little too 😉


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