Geek Pride

Happy Geek Pride/Star Wars/Towel/Disc Day! That’s a lot of geeky love to show, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet; go out, do something geeky, and be proud of it! Being a nerd is all about being unashamedly passionate about what you LOVE! Enjoy the below gallery of me at some of my geekiest moments; hopefully it inspires you to do likewise! Stay nerdy my friends.

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  1. Psst. I think there’s a picture of you with a furry in there!

    I wish I had more pictures of myself doing geeky things. Since I like taking pictures, I’m generally behind the scenes of those sorts of things. New goal: Get more pics of me doing nerdy stuff.

    Unfortunately, this week that would entail pictures of me in my jammies either playing Diablo III or fussing over pixels in Photoshop.

  2. You would be right there! I kind of married into that; one of my wife’s family members runs an anthropomorphics convention at which i’ll probablly be doing a multipart piece later this year; because if anybody gets the brunt of the sci-fi stick it’s really the poor furries. Most treat them one notch above the twi-tards, but lets face it we all loved bugs bunny or the old Hannah Barbara cartoons growing up.

    This post was all about not being ashamed of what you love; and if there’s anybody that takes more crap for their passion in the fandom than them I’ve yet to see it; hence my including that particular pic in this blog. They’re extremely happy with who they are, and I actually envy them a little bit for it.

    Thanks for reading and double thanks for posting!

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