Nerd Appreciation

As most of you know, Friday was Geek pride day; and man was there some geek love in the air! As a follow up to that I would like to carry on the love with Nerd Appreciation day! For this I was going to just put together a gallery of some great geek girls with superhero body paint; but instead let me feed your poindexter passions with some new material. (If you ask nice I’ll post the gallery anyway 😀 ) Either way know that I think you’re awesome for reading and I appreciate you!

In addition to all the wonderful creators of the content that we crave that have nabbed a spot on the wall over in my People and Likes sections; do yourself a favor and check out some other inspired opinions on the interwebs.

That Geek Chick: Geek. Gamer. Girl. Her tagline is short & sweet but right on point. Get a great dose of geek and gaming news and opinions from someone that happens to be a girl. There is no pretension about being a girl in a traditionally guys world; just some great articles from a truly honest and humble POV.  I wonder if the next COD will feature a toggle for that; play as a 1st/Honest & Humble/3rd person shooter. Everything from Diablo to Trek, really refreshing and a pleasure to read!

Check her out at: & @ThatGeekChick on Twitter


The Quasi-Film Related Podcast: Fresh from The Shitty Movie Night Podcast, which I was a big fan of, Rob Flanagan has started his own solo pod; because man can not live on shitty movies alone! His new cast will still cover the occasional shitty movie, but really covers a wide variety of topics, just like yours truly. From major movie news, to video games, to indie music; he delivers a lot before reviewing the movie of the week. We wish him the best of luck in his new endevor; as well as to the original SMN crew to get another great pod back on it’s feet and ‘casting again!

Check him out at: The Quasi Film Pod (as well as all the old SMN pods) on iTunes & @Flanageddon on Twitter


Chicks Dig Books: For over a year now my friend Jen has been publishing the nerdy girl’s guide to the printed word. As a reviewer for Kirkus Media and a publishing grad student, her reviews not only offer concise but informative reviews of titles and authors; but also brings some great titles to your attention that you might not find just browsing the NYT top 10 list at your local Barnes & Noble (or whoever is still left in business). Are you an author looking for more exposure; yeah she’ll review you too!

Check her out at: on Twitter


Comic Book Men/ I Sell Comics: Not that a Kevin Smith enterprise needs any additional public awareness from me; but figured I’d shout out this great TV show/podcast combo.  From the guys that run Kev’s comic book store, The Secret Stash in Redbank NJ, comes Comic Book Men; both a weekly comics-centric podcast as well as a pawn stars of comics-esque television show on AMC. The pod, called I Sell Comics, brings you news & reviews from new releases in comics and movies each week, as well as great older titles to check out that you may have missed. The show follows the misadventures of the Stash’s crew as they travel to cons, bargain hunt for toys, plan promotional campaigns for the store, etc. They also buy and sell high end book & collectibles in the store in the aforementioned pawn stars type format.  All of this is intercut with reactions from the crew and Kevin Smith himself  in a roundtable setting from the pod itself; unironically as he’s the king of cross promotion!

Check them out at: at AMC TV & Smodcast Online, I Sell Comics & The Secret Stash in iTunes, & @ComicBookMenAMC on Twitter


If you have any of your own that you feel are noteworthy; by all means please add in the comments section!


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  1. Yay, thanks for the inclusion 🙂

    I ❤ Kevin Smith. Then again, what nerdy film buff doesn't? In my dreams, the Prequels to Wars were never made by Lucas, but instead lovingly crafted by Smith.

  2. Mine involve his last movie ever the full cast and budget he could possibly need and letting him go wild with either his Green Arrow: Quiver storyline; or Batman: Widening Gyre, either of which would make awesome and heady flicks.

  3. oh and of course you’re very welcome; I don’t toss out free passes, you made the list b/c you deserve it!

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