Spoilers! I promise not to ruin Kevin Smiths new series

Yesterday indie rockstar Kevin Smith launched his new movie review series, Spoilers. Par for the course, Smith never does anything according to convention. This is not a regular show, you wont find it on your tv. Rather, as traditional tv is further diluted by hundreds of channels and more younger viewers switching to online viewing, this show is being broadcast exclusively on Hulu, for free! Nor is Spoilers a tradition movie review show. Instead of having two stuffy old guys clinically dissecting film; each week, the show will take a group of everyday Joes to the theatre to see a new release. For the inaugural episode, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Guns’ Kev & the Spoilers review Snow White and the Huntsman; with the general consensus being that it’s a gorgeously shot entertaining summer movie but is lacking in character development and that Kristen Stewart’s acting is underwhelming and at times even distracting. One of the Spoilers hit the nail on the head saying, “She was like a prop, everyone else just acted around her.” So I guess we get more reprise of her razor sharp deer in the headlights method of acting made famous in Twilight. “She always looks like she’s about to say something important, and then they cut away; I’m like wait wait wait!”

What I really like about this show is the unbiased reviewers mixed in with Kevin’s commentary. You get opinions ranging from rating the film for its mere entertainment popcorn value up to it’s overall film worthiness, all laced with Kev’s patented brand of comedy.

The show never gets stale as only about 10 minutes are devoted to the film of the week; from there we jump over to the criterion lounge, where a DVD is spotlighted from the acclaimed classic films from the Criterion Collection. Kev spends a moment or two highlighting the films importance and why it speaks to him personally. After that he brings out his guest of the week; yesterday’s being the always entertaining Carrie Fisher. She tells a few stories from Star Wars (notably the slave leia golden bikini scene) and Blues Brothers. I really hope that each week they can find a guest that compliments the movie of the week as I found it really leant the entire show a cohesive theme. The final segment of Spoilers was a short animation, hilariously bringing to life a segment from Smiths podcast ‘Hollywood Babble-On’. Before you know it the show is already over; this is certainly one I’ll be adding to my weekly viewing schedule.

Expect to see a some quick yet insightful looks into what’s in the theatres, a handful of cameos from Kevin’s fellow Smodcast friends (this week had Jay Mewes, and Ralph Garmin as Professor Cartoonius doing some quick stand-up and introing the cartoon with his chuckle-worthy Ed Wynn impression), and a whole lot of funny!

Spoilers airs Monday mornings, only on Hulu & HuluPlus.
It’s seriously worth checking out; stay nerdy my friends!

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