Lloyd The Conqueror- Indie Film Review

As I promised in my Philly Wizard World Comic-Con highlights; I’d be reviewing a little Indie flick entitled Lloyd The Conqueror. Set in the eccentric and comedic world of Live Action Role Playing, Lloyd the Conqueror follows our hapless hero and titular character Lloyd, a lazy college student, and his two somehow even lazier best friends Patrick and Oswald. Desperately needing to pass their college Medieval Literature class to keep their financial aid, they beg their teacher for extra credit. Their hard assed professor, Derek, concedes but only on one condition: They must join his deteriorating LARPing league and battle against him in a game of Demons & Dwarves. Derek, however, attempts to stack the deck against them by amassing a mighty army in the field behind the Elementary School. To prevail against his Horde of Chaos, Lloyd must enlist the help of Cassandra, an ex-cage fighter & womens self defense instructor and Andy, local gaming merchant and former White Wizard, Champion of the Light (who enjoys wrestling without clothes on).

If like me, you thought the best part of Role Models was watching Mc’Lovin tromping around the woods with a foam sword, you will love this movie. Need more than dorks acting dorky? Ok I’ll go on. The writing is superb! The script utilizes a perfect blend of physical and written humor. The role of Andy the White Wizard is being played by Brian Posehn (writer/actor: Just Shoot Me, The Sarah Silverman Program) who absolutely slays the multitude of one liners he has. Shot on the Red camera, a digital substitute for 35mm film, this does not look like most indie flicks. You get treated visually by some gorgeous cinematography, inspired costuming, and epic fight choreography. In addition to Brian Posehn we get a hilarious cameo from Harland Williams (Half Baked, Rocketman, Freddy Got Fingered) as a pretentious Vulcan.

From the first to the last frame it is apparent that a lot of love and passion went into crafting this film and that a lot of fun was had on set. The one weak spot in the film is some uneven performances thru out the film. No one actor has an overall poor performance, there were just a handful of scenes that had interactions that weren’t up to the standard set by the rest of the movie; probably due mostly to being filmed early in the film’s extremely brisk 15 day shooting schedule before the cast really got a chance to hit their stride. However, this shouldn’t detract from your enjoyment of the film as the large majority of the time the cast interacts extremely well together.

I wish I had written down better notes during the screening as I was too busy laughing my ass off enjoying the movie! Just wrap your mind around the image of a guy riding a shirtless centaur charging headlong at another riding a guy in a unicorn costume brandishing LARP weapons.  Yeah I was practically on the floor.

I can’t recommend this film highly enough, it was a great viewing experience; with lots of funny and heart. I encourage you all to check out the LTC Facebook Page to find a screening near you.  This is indie cinema, the success or failure of great gems like this depends on word of mouth and fan love.  For my Philly friends, Lloyd will be screening again at Too Many Games next weekend. A full trailer should be out later this month and a VOD/DVD release with a limited theatrical run currently slated for early 2013. Lloyd The Conqueror; the epic battle between good and evil has never been so hilarious!

Stay Nerdy My Friends!


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  1. Great film! Catch it when it’s in your town, you won’t be disappointed 😀

  2. I Keep throwing money on the screen but nothing comes out of it!

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