Arrow Extended Trailer Hits The Mark!

Yesterday a full trailer for the CW’s upcoming series Arrow was released! As any regular readers here know, Green Arrow is hands down my favorite comic-book character; and I can’t possibly be more excited for this series! Each clip released has wet my interest more and more starting with the Sample Scene and even more so with the Arrow Teaser. Clocking in at a whopping three and a half minutes, this latest clip gives us the best view and most insight on what to expect from the series yet!

In our previous Arrow related blogs I’ve discussed the backstory & history of the character, as well as costuming and casting. With todays video we get a nice clear view of our first real villain (beyond the assorted and assumed litany of corrupt politicians, drug dealers, and other street to mid-level scum) with what looks like the mask of Deathstroke around the 3:20 mark! We’re also treated to more action shots, more trick arrows,  and more backstory than we’ve seen to date! And, much like Bruce Wayne’s training with Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins, it looks as though most of our island intro will be told thru flashbacks and integrated gradually into the present, rather than as a standalone arc. This is quite frankly a brilliant way to handle it as it allows for gradual character development over the course of a season or even the whole series rather than just an episode or two.

Also released this week was the Arrow international poster, featuring the best view of the custome yet and a slightly different more target-like graphic than the American more flowing and bow-esque version.

I discovered the video & international poster thanks to the good folks over at Green Arrow TV; who seem to be doing a better job promoing Arrow than the CW is! If you want up to the minute news on this series, be sure to check them out their site or follow on twitter.

As for me, I really hope that they manage to keep up this level of hype and excitement all the way to the launch in the fall! Again, this is one that we’ll have our eye on closely!

Stay Nerdy My Friends!

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