They’re not dolls, they’re Batction Figures!

In case you couldn’t tell from today’s Photo Friday; I like batman. I’m also almost 30 and have a penchant for wanting toys from the things I love. Usually they get taken out of the box, posed in the coolest way possible, photographed, and left out on a shelf like a statue immortalizing a testament of my nerdy nerdy love. The latest addition to my collection are the Arkham Asylum Batman & Joker from Play Arts Kai, the high end line of Square Enix related toys.

These figures feature higher attention to detail, greater artistic sculpting, 26 points of articulation (including some double jointing), and interchangeable appendages & accessories. They are certainly a far cry above and beyond what you’ll find in the local Walmart toy aisle, without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for certain premium format figures. You won’t find any bare spots in the paint or deformed accessories here!

Batman comes with a bat-a-rang, grappling gun, a spare hand position to more realistically hold one accessory or the other, and a spare cloak in a straighter less whispy molding than that shown above. The quality of the sculpting and materials are just phenomenal. The attention to detail is ridiculous (just see below!); and the only weak spot is that the changing of the cape & hands at first is really difficult. Changing out the cape I actually unseated the whole head portion of the figure! That being said, as these aren’t really meant to be everyday kids play pieces, you can certainly get them into just about any possible action shot you can conceive of!

Joker also comes with spare appendages suitable to holding a gun or a set of chatter teeth. Same great artistry in the design and painting as batman; however something just felt a little, I don’t know, cheaper about Joker.  The sculpting on his suit has really deep grooves for the pin-striping, producing a very cool stylized look from afar; but rather cartoony in both look and feel up close. It results in a clash of styles when compared next to the subtle detail and texturing of the Batman figure. PVC molding works better when imitating muscle and armor rather than trying to simulate cloth. That being said, nothing broke off of Joker while I was posing him!

Unfortunately they were released in a limited number; and while plenty are available online you’re probably going to wind up paying double what they were initially selling for. However, these are great looking figures; and if you’re a completionist, a collector, or just a fan of the Arkham video game series styled Batman (and who isn’t) I certainly wouldn’t dissuade you from adding these to your own shelf! If you want to jump on board before the next round of Arkham Asylum figures ships, an Armored Batman & Harley Quinn are going to be next up & are available for pre-order now.

If you’d like to see more fun/stylized photography from these figures or some of my other figures, check out my Toy set in Flickr.

Stay Nerdy My Friends!


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  1. You realize we’re now expecting a stop motion version of The Dark Knight Rises with your review at the opening weekend, right?

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