I Fight Dragons Yes I Do, I Fight Dragons, How bout you?

Whilst traveling in the car with my son today an I Fight Dragons cover of the Tetris theme came on the ye olde’ iPod and my first thought was that something snapped in his tiny 16 month old brain. He was laughing and clapping along with such utter joy spread across his face; blissfully unaware of the hours and days this simple didy had ripped from our collective lives ever trying to reach the top of Tetris. My second thought was, ‘I Fight Dragons’ latest album has been out 6 months now and I still haven’t reviewed it; bad fan, bad; no bonus content for you! So anyway, at the behest of a kid that isn’t old enough to talk yet and regularly poops himself; here’s my review of IFD’s first full length album, Kaboom; now with 86% new material!

Soaring synthetic symphonies accompany an array of acoustic and electric instruments as this Chicago chiptune rock band takes you on an arch to Save World Get Girl. I Fight Dragons certainly earns all the fan love they’ve received in recent years with this album. It starts off really clean; almost too clean, not content wise just very…polished. The thing I loved about their live recordings and EP’s in the past was the gritty kinda analog feel that you’d get if you were plugged into a gameboy headphone port for your rhythm guitar track. That aside, everything after the interlude at track 5 feels very familiar and inviting. My Way is a real return to form, With You features a new set of lady vocals from the version on Cool Is Just a Number. You’ll be bobbing your head along like a gawkward middleschooler with The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth and I practiclly rolled a tear on my first listen of Disaster Hearts. All in all it’s a very solid album and worth every penny of the $10 you’ll drop on itunes.

For those unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is I Fight Dragons these guys really know how to stick to the theme of 8 bit awesomeness! Their website and album covers could be splashpages for classic Nintendo titles, they program various guitar and rhthym tracks on a gameboy emulation, they do some great covers of classic game tunes, and their guitars are pickups inside of old NES systems for crying out loud!

These guys know how to successfully build an online empire; their e-mail list (now known as The Advanced Guard) routinely gets all kinds of great goodies like free exclusive mp3’s, streams of shows, first announcements, hell I even got a Christmas card from them last year! Their videos are unique, their songs highly original, costumes and stage presence eccentric, and fan base rabid. Perhaps for all of these reasons they are currently on the full roaster for this summers warped tour. For a taste of what you can expect:

So go check these guys out, and maybe I’ll see you over at the Advanced Guard, at the very least see if you can’t hunt down their choral rendition of the Legend of Zelda theme (entitled I Fight Gannon); because if there’s anything cooler than dragons, it’s slaying them!
Stay Nerdy My Friends!

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