Tron Uprising

Tonight, with little fanfare or prelude, DisneyXD premiered the new animated show Tron: Uprising. It seemingly tells the story leading up to the events of Tron: Legacy. Uprising features all the things we loved about Legacy while not suffering any of the shortcomings. The visuals, soundtrack, and innovative acrobatic action sequences dazzle the senses without the drawn out, painful dialogue that was Legacys major shortcoming. I’ve said to many people that I would have loved Tron so much more if they could maintain the pace set by the first hour throughout.

Uprising hits the nail on the head as we follow Beck, an above average mechanic, as he trains with Tron to be his replacement. The storytelling and pace are well pieced together as cross cutting scenes certainly wasn’t Legacy’s strong point (seriously those scenes droned on fooorrreevvver). The action is always finding new ways to make use of the altered functionality of the system to bring hits and kills and escapes about in new and innovative ways.  The soundtrack is the same award warning beats brought to use by Daft Punk in the original or when those don’t fit the mood just right some very Daft Punkesque alternatives. The visuals are as sleek and stylish as you would expect from a Tron cartoon; some of the elements even seemed to be of such high quality that they were lower-res version of the 3d models used in the feature. The facial animation looked a little odd, the overall body styling looking a bit stretched overall; but it’s a consistent style to the figures that once you get used to doesn’t really bother you again. The voice performances hasn’t been randomly farmed out but is spot on acting with talents like Mandy Moore and Elijah Wood. Honestly this was the level of storytelling and pacing I was hoping for from Tron: Legacy and am beyond happy to see them revisiting the property to give fans a Tron they can be proud of (even if it makes the mouse a shit ton of money in the process)!

There’s the trailer; check it out, what do you think? Worth giving a try?

Stay Nerdy My Friends!

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