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They’re not dolls, they’re Batction Figures!

In case you couldn’t tell from today’s Photo Friday; I like batman. I’m also almost 30 and have a penchant for wanting toys from the things I love. Usually they get taken out of the box, posed in the coolest way possible, photographed, and left out on a shelf like a statue immortalizing a testament of my nerdy nerdy love. The latest addition to my collection are the Arkham Asylum Batman & Joker from Play Arts Kai, the high end line of Square Enix related toys.

These figures feature higher attention to detail, greater artistic sculpting, 26 points of articulation (including some double jointing), and interchangeable appendages & accessories. They are certainly a far cry above and beyond what you’ll find in the local Walmart toy aisle, without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for certain premium format figures. You won’t find any bare spots in the paint or deformed accessories here!

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