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The Big Bang Theory: Explosively Dividing The Geekiverse

[Editors Note: We have with us our very special first guest writer, show him some love and welcome to the group, Ash]

After watching the first three seasons of The Big Bang Theory, I’ve noticed something. The show seems to divide people who think it colors “nerds” in a certain light. In these arguments, the word “stereotypical” seems to get thrown at these characters. You know the image: the socially awkward comic book/sci-fi genre fan who has no fashion sense and is plagued by strange medical conditions; or the hyper-intelligent geek who’s so smart he’s actually stupid. Such as Sheldon, the self-proclaimed most intelligent of the characters, while trying to make a new friend ends up talking to a little girl in the children’s section of a bookstore. He decides they can be friends based on simple, shared interests; but can’t see how what he’s doing could be seen as socially strange, or even illegal.

While there are jokes that poke fun of these things in BBT, some people really seem to take offense to it. Now I’m a genre fan; I like comic books, video games and toys, I’ve been to Monster-Mania conventions and I have a ton of collectibles. I get the humor on the show; and in my life as a fan I’ve seen that nerd stereotypes really can be true, not just the bad ones. I can admit that I see these nerd traits in myself. I’ve lined up for hours to meet celebrities at conventions and for midnight video game releases. I was part of a podcast about shitty movies; so I like to think my nerd credentials are in good order. However, I have certainly been mocked many times over the course of my life; and I know how much that type of mockery can hurt. It’s something anyone can relate to.

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