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I Fight Dragons Yes I Do, I Fight Dragons, How bout you?

Whilst traveling in the car with my son today an I Fight Dragons cover of the Tetris theme came on the ye olde’ iPod and my first thought was that something snapped in his tiny 16 month old brain. He was laughing and clapping along with such utter joy spread across his face; blissfully unaware of the hours and days this simple didy had ripped from our collective lives ever trying to reach the top of Tetris. My second thought was, ‘I Fight Dragons’ latest album has been out 6 months now and I still haven’t reviewed it; bad fan, bad; no bonus content for you! So anyway, at the behest of a kid that isn’t old enough to talk yet and regularly poops himself; here’s my review of IFD’s first full length album, Kaboom; now with 86% new material!

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