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Not so Childish Gambino

Hey all, welcome back; now that we have those pleasantries out of the way, press play.  See you in 4 and a half minutes.

What you just listened to is the first track, Outside, off of Donald Glover (30 Rock writter, actor Community) a.k.a Childish Gambino’s Camp released last November. Now I’m not usually a big fan of hip-hop, and really only picked up this album because I’m a fan of his on Community; but holy crap, I was not expecting this! ┬áThe lines he dropped at the Community panel at 2011 Comic-Con referenced Toe-Jam and Earl and Invader Zim within 2 lines; figured I’d give this album a listen to hear well woven geek references into some decent rhymes, I wasn’t expecting the depth or raw honest emotion that this album contains.

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