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Philly Comic Con

This weekend marked the passing of yet another year for the Philadelphia Comic Con.  Once a con plagued by terrible under-attendance and being kinda under-whelming in general, I must say has shown up this year in quite a grand fashion! Unlike San Diego, where everyone makes their big announcements and the entire con has shifted focus from comics to general pop culture, Philadelphia Wizard World  contains not a single gaming console, major network, or Sony branded anything on the floor.  You won’t find 300 person long lines for swag giveaways at the G4 booth, and i find that quite refreshing.  Just comics, toys/t-shirts sporting comics, the creators of said comics, and the fans that love comics; what can i say it’s a freaking comic convention.  This con is perfectly suited to it’s size. Is the floor crowded? Yes. Claustrophobicly so? No. Are there lines to get into the panels? Yes. Is anybody left out because the room was full? No. This was really a joy to be at. Also because there’s no big spoiler alerts, new announcements, or exclusive toy lines to write about; figured I’d just give you some pictorial love of the panels I attended along with some of my favorite quotes from each!

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Avengers Assemble!

Holy Hulk Smash (to steal a priceless reaction from a good friend, @streetg33kgirl on twitter, follow her!) this movie was phenomenal! The Avengers comes storming into theaters with the full force of the summer blockbuster that everyone knew it would be; what everyone doubted though was how well Joss Whedon would be able to deliver a big budget action adventure on this scale (sadly me included), needless to say I’ve never been happier to be wrong! What no-one considered is that any idiot like McG can make explosions look pretty with enough computers and money, it’s the story and characters that should be perfected and only then fill in with action to supplement. Instead of just an action popcorn movie with some drama and some comedy, the Avengers delivers action in its drama, comedy in its action, and yes at times drama in its comedy.  We get a completely satisfying movie whose sum is indeed greater than the parts of it’s whole.

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