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Tron Uprising

Tonight, with little fanfare or prelude, DisneyXD premiered the new animated show Tron: Uprising. It seemingly tells the story leading up to the events of Tron: Legacy. Uprising features all the things we loved about Legacy while not suffering any of the shortcomings. The visuals, soundtrack, and innovative acrobatic action sequences dazzle the senses without the drawn out, painful dialogue that was Legacys major shortcoming. I’ve said to many people that I would have loved Tron so much more if they could maintain the pace set by the first hour throughout.

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WWR: Before Watchmen- Minutemen #1

Breathtaking. Groundbreaking. Cinematic. The most important graphic novel ever written.  All of these have been used to describe Alan Moore’s seminal 1986-87 book, Watchmen, which perfectly captured the social anxieties of the day thru a critique on the core concept of superheros. So why on earth would DC Comics risk incurring the wrath of fans and the industry as a whole by releasing a series of prequel books chronicling the backstory of what were already very deep and fully fleshed characters? The answer is, because I believe that there is another story here to tell.  While Watchmen has superbly shown the downfall of the superhero, as human beings will inevitably succumb to their baser instincts (be it greed, power, predjudice, or corruption) when allowed to operate outside the realm of traditional social mores; Before Watchmen attempts to capture the genesis of the desire to be “super” and the ideals which make one a “hero”.

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