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I Fight Dragons Yes I Do, I Fight Dragons, How bout you?

Whilst traveling in the car with my son today an I Fight Dragons cover of the Tetris theme came on the ye olde’ iPod and my first thought was that something snapped in his tiny 16 month old brain. He was laughing and clapping along with such utter joy spread across his face; blissfully unaware of the hours and days this simple didy had ripped from our collective lives ever trying to reach the top of Tetris. My second thought was, ‘I Fight Dragons’ latest album has been out 6 months now and I still haven’t reviewed it; bad fan, bad; no bonus content for you! So anyway, at the behest of a kid that isn’t old enough to talk yet and regularly poops himself; here’s my review of IFD’s first full length album, Kaboom; now with 86% new material!

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Geek Pride

Happy Geek Pride/Star Wars/Towel/Disc Day! That’s a lot of geeky love to show, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet; go out, do something geeky, and be proud of it! Being a nerd is all about being unashamedly passionate about what you LOVE! Enjoy the below gallery of me at some of my geekiest moments; hopefully it inspires you to do likewise! Stay nerdy my friends.

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Congratulations Guildies!

Cast of “The Guild”- Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Robin Thorsen, Vincent Caso

Just wanted to take today to say congratulations to the cast of the guild. Their music videos combined on youtube hit 24 million views today!

For those unfamiliar, The Guild is a web series started by Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible) that follows the misadventures of her and her fellow gamers as they team up to conquer “the game” (not WoW they’re VERY careful about not using any proper names) and survive real life.  What started as a modest undertaking and passion project has since grown into it’s 5th season, being featured on msn and xbox live, and perhaps the most successful web series to date!

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Not so Childish Gambino

Hey all, welcome back; now that we have those pleasantries out of the way, press play.  See you in 4 and a half minutes.

What you just listened to is the first track, Outside, off of Donald Glover (30 Rock writter, actor Community) a.k.a Childish Gambino’s Camp released last November. Now I’m not usually a big fan of hip-hop, and really only picked up this album because I’m a fan of his on Community; but holy crap, I was not expecting this!  The lines he dropped at the Community panel at 2011 Comic-Con referenced Toe-Jam and Earl and Invader Zim within 2 lines; figured I’d give this album a listen to hear well woven geek references into some decent rhymes, I wasn’t expecting the depth or raw honest emotion that this album contains.

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