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Photo Friday 06.01.12

The original Angelus!

Forget Follow Friday; it’s Photo Friday!

The original Angelus!


Photo Friday 05.18.12

I think I hit Spiderman on the way home; he was NOT happy.

Forget Follow Friday; it’s Photo Friday!

I think I hit spiderman on the way home; he was NOT happy

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Congratulations Guildies!

Cast of “The Guild”- Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Robin Thorsen, Vincent Caso

Just wanted to take today to say congratulations to the cast of the guild. Their music videos combined on youtube hit 24 million views today!

For those unfamiliar, The Guild is a web series started by Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible) that follows the misadventures of her and her fellow gamers as they team up to conquer “the game” (not WoW they’re VERY careful about not using any proper names) and survive real life.  What started as a modest undertaking and passion project has since grown into it’s 5th season, being featured on msn and xbox live, and perhaps the most successful web series to date!

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